Furniture Refinishing, Painting, Upholstery, Antique Furniture Restoration and Repair in Pickering, Toronto and GTA

Wilcam Furniture was established in 1983. Since then we have successfully served both Durham Region & the Greater Toronto Area. We have been at the same location from the day of our opening and have undertaken large and small tasks and have enjoyed excellent customer satisfaction.

About Rupert Campbell, the Owner of Wilcam Furniture

rupert1I have spent over 30 years working in different areas of cabinet making and restoration; experienced evolution in styles, tastes, and techniques. One of the most obvious trends is the move towards lower standards in order to reduce costs.

Despite these changes in the industry, there are still many people who care about quality. These clients have always been a pleasure to work with. I am told that they do not buy based on looks alone. They want durability and beauty in one; a piece that enhances the aesthetic of their space. This is what I always strive to accomplish.

I personally work one on one with clients to arrive at the best design suited for their space. We look at scale and proportion to find exactly what works.

I remember a client who sent me some blurry photos of a armoire she had seen in an antique store window. She loved the armoire but was unable to purchase it. She found my company through word of mouth and brought me her unfocused photographs. I was inspired and was able to design and build an armoire exactly the way she wanted it.

I enjoy every project I take on, and make sure that it is shown in the quality of my work.