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I had the pleasure of having Rupert turn my Grandmother’s 125+ year old furniture from what was almost garbage into a beautiful set that I am thrilled to display and use in my home. I knew they were in bad shape from years of everyday abuse and neglect BUT I had no idea how bad.

Rupert took them apart piece by piece and rebuilt them. He took great care in reinforcing the insides and making them stronger. He polished and buffed the wood and made it look so beautiful.

I am thrilled with the work he did and would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who wants quality work done.

Merle Sousa



Hi Rupert: I am enjoying my Syrian Inlaid Games Table which you have so expertly restored. The mother of pearl inserts are bright and shining and you have repaired wooden areas which have come apart over the years.

As I shared with you…this table has been designated to go to my daughter Kathy and I am assuming she will pass it on to her daughter Kayla..and maybe from Kayla to my precious littler granddaughter Ruby. I am so pleased that it is now in excellent shape and thank you for your expertise in making it so. As my husband’s Irish auntie would say “you deserve great credit”!!

This table has been in the Cooke family for many years..and came to my husband and me through his mother’s estate sixty-five years ago . Up to that time our livingroom furniture was not very impressive but we based our future acquisitions on the style of the games table.

I would happily recommend your work to future customers of Wilcam.

Cooke family
We have had three pieces of furniture repaired and refinished by Wilcam Furniture. Our first piece was a family heirloom, a lamp made in the 1930’s in India. I had taken the lamp to a number of repair shops, and they had either refused to touch it for fear of ruining the piece or wanted a lot of money to repair it. We took it to Wilcam, and Rupert said that he could fix it. Needless to say, he did a wonderful job restoring it to its original beauty, and at a fraction of the price quoted elsewhere. Since then, we have had two other pieces of furniture repaired and finished by Wilcam: an old fashioned teacart, and a small, semi-circular wall table. The wall table had been painted, and was broken in three pieces. We could not believe the incredible way that this broken table was saved! We would definitely recommend Wilcam Furniture to anyone, as we have been very happy with Rupert’s work, and will use him again in the future.
Lee and Carol Elcombe, Pickering, Ontario
I first availed myself of Rupert’s services some twenty years ago when my neighbour was disposing of a table that I thought had potential for restoration. It was a console table made of walnut wood whose surface was lifted badly and curled in some places. Rupert did a remarkable job in bringing the table back to its original condition. My neighbour was amazed at the difference and wished she could have it back. Since then, Rupert has worked on several antique mahogany pieces for me and I have never been disappointed with the results.
Y. Buckley
I have travelled through Europe and China and this is not just a piece of furniture, this is a work of art.
E. R.
You may have heard of the Horse whisperer or the dog whisperer.
Please meet Rupert, the “wood whisperer”. This man learned how to draw out the best grains, colours and characteristics of wood used in fine furniture construction. Over the years of knowing Rupert I acquiring several beautiful pieces, treasures to be sure.

The solid walnut drop leaf table had fallen into abusive hands and was badly marred and scarred.
Rupert went to work on it to bring out the beauty of this piece which is now a beautiful masterpiece in my family

Also the matching set of dresser and chest of drawers are beautifully restored. These pieces among others are treasures that have stood the test of time having been excellently restored. These pieces will likely be handed down in our family for several generations.

Thank you Rupert

Rupert, because of your hard work I have a cabinet that is just outstanding and a joy to look at in my new home. If my mother and father saw the cabinet now, they would be very proud.